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Juren has been a leader in the food and product packaging industry for nearly 20 years and is trusted by thousands of businesses.

Greetings and welcome to Xiongxian Juren Paper and Plastic Packing Co., Ltd., your best source for custom made bags, film, and packaging materials, We are a provider of wholesale and commercial grade bags and film for all industries. We have been in this business since 1998. Because of this, we have years of experience and knowledge that enables us to give our customers all of their bags needs with great service and speed...

Highest Quality
Highest QualityNearly 20 years experience and FDA-approved food safe material in our packaging.
Low Low Pricing
Low Low PricingBecause of the huge quantities and cheap labours, we can reduce the cost, and pass those savings to you.
Huge Variety
Huge VarietyA large selection of materials, colors and styles to make your products stand out on store shelves.
Speak with a Professional Consultant
Speak with a Professional ConsultantJuren has a professional team of packaging consultants available to assist you.
  • The Certificate of BRC
  • ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Certificate of Conformity (CE)
  • FDA of Fruit Food Pouch
  • What are the flat bottom bagWhat are the flat bottom bag?What is the advantage of flat bottom bag What is Flat bottom bag ?Just as its name implies is eight at the bottom of the sealing side...
Are you a bag manufacturer?
Yes, our factory has been in Hebei for years since 1998. We offer all kinds of bags for every customer.
How do I order your Packaging Bag Products?
You can contact us by mail or phone. We'll give you the most promptly reply.
How long is the Delivery Time for Packaging Bag Orders?
The delivery time for packaging bag orders depends on the quantity and style of goods.
What kind of design is workable?
The design shoule be in AI / PSD / CDR or PDF file, it should also be editable. What's more, font should turn into graphics, the scaling should be 1 : 1. The designer should mark the Pantone Code of colors that used in the design. Any other questions, our sales would be honored to help you.
How do you ship the finished products?
1. By Sea. 2. By Plane. 3. By Couriers, DHL, Fedex.
How to get a Sooner Packaging Bag Quotation?
You can provide imformations about the packaging bag style (with ziplock, hanger, spout, etc.), shape (please attached with picture of irregular shape bag), material, thickness, size (please point out size of different part.), quantity and printing (how many colors on your bag).
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Contact Person: Adam Zhu

Tel: +86-312-6770499

Fax: +86-312-6770498

Mobile: +86-15175750220

Email: sales2@foodbag.com.cn

Address: Hutai industry park, Xiongxian county, Baoding city, Hebei Province, China

Address1: Lizhou Industrial Zone, Nanshao Street, Kazuo County, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, China

Web: www.foodbag.com.cn